Zia Ur Rehman

Media Category: Print
Media Organization: Freelance/The Friday Times

Zia Ur Rehman is a freelance journalist and researcher and his primary coverage focus has been on security issues and political development and human rights. His work has been published in several international and national publications, including, among others, The Friday Times, , New York Times, The News, Herald, Pique, Central Asia Online, , Himal South Asian and The National. He has also written for prominent research journals including CTC Sentinel, a publication of Combating Terrorism Center at West Point and Terrorism Monitor, a publication of Jamestown Foundation. He can be reached at zia_red@hotmail.com

Nominated Work

Title: Hindus no more safe at home

It is my report published in weekly The Friday Times (November 18-24, 2011) on issues of abductions, violence, threats, and forced conversions Pakistani Hindus are facing and compelling them to leave the country.

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