Zahid Gishkori

Media Category: Print
Media Organization: The Express Tribune

Currently, I’m associated with English daily, The Express Tribune, a joint venture of the International Herald Tribune (IHT), global edition of The New York Times. I joined this job from March 2010.
My responsibilities for the newspaper are to cover the special events and file investigative and in-depth reports on hot issues. Also, I’m assigned to write articles and news stories about the proceedings of the parliament—the Senate, the National Assembly, activities of major political parties, violation of human rights and natural disasters.
As a staff correspondent, coverage of country’s national and nationalist political groups and analysis of changing patterns in Pakistan’s politics are also part of what I do. I also cover issues like militancy, terrorism and a bit of politics for.

Nominated Work

Title: Devastating monsoon: Sindh, Balochistan hit much worse than Punjab

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