Shabina Faraz

Media Category: Print
Media Organization: Sunday magazine, Jang group of publications

My name is Shabina Faraz.
I am a freelance Journalist, columnist and feature writer. I have completed my master’s in Urdu literature and started career as an editor in an entertainment magazine called Jassosi digest. I have written many stories, TV dramas and articles on various issues. For last 13 years, I have been writing on environmental issues. I can claim the pioneer journalist on environmental issues in the history of Urdu print media. I also have worked with electronic media and arranged talk shows on environmental issues from script to guests and also participated as an environmental expert. My documentaries on the oil spill near Karachi coast and marine pollution is one of my most significant works. I have won 3 Green Media awards, 2 Green Journalist awards and Environmental Excellence award for her great work on the subject. I also awarded the Green Journalist award by the Prime minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani.
I also awarded for fellowship for the South Asia Climate Change Award (SACCA) for the year 2013 as an active journalist on climate change issues.
Currently I am working as a freelancer for many newspapers and IUCN as an environment consultant.
My contact details are :
R-44, Sector A , Bhittai colony Korangi crossing, Karachi.
Cell no:

Nominated Work

Title: Flood of Pakistan... a clear sign of climate change

Flood of Pakistan… clear sign of climate change Devastating flooding that has swamped one-fifth of Pakistan and left millions homeless is likely the worst natural disaster to date attributable to climate change, U.N. officials and climatologists are now openly saying. Most experts are still cautioning against tying any specific event directly to emissions of greenhouse gases. But scientists at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in Geneva say there's no doubt that higher Atlantic Ocean temperatures contributed to the disaster begun late last month. There's also no doubt that the Pakistan flooding will join the ranks of the worst natural disasters in recorded history. The flooding started slowly at the end of July and gradually accelerated over the past two weeks. Disaster assessment maps show that almost the entire northern part of Pakistan and most of its central region have been hit. Records show that the famed Indus River is at its highest water level ever recorded in the 110 years since regular record-keeping began. Estimates put the number of displaced people at somewhere between 15 million and 20 million, and the government believes about 1,600 are confirmed dead.

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