Vote Now For Your Favourite News Channel and Your Favourite TV Anchor!

People’s Choice Awards

The Agahi Awards 2012 are Pakistan’s first ever awards to recognize and celebrate the work of dedicated journalists, who provide the nation with current news, wherever and whenever it takes place. In order to recognise the hard work of these journalists, team Agahi calls on to the people of Pakistan, to cast their votes for their favourite journalist and anchor. Each and every vote counts, and it shows that the hard work of these journalists, is not going unnoticed.

So cast your votes in the following categories.

Favourite TV AnchorĀ 

Cast your votes for the person you think, deserves to be the Best Anchor! The Best Anchor should not only provide the current breaking news, but also have the eye for the smallest details often overlooked by others. The Best Anchor’s views should be free from bias and he or she should provide the public with a balanced and true picture of the events.

Favourite News ChannelĀ 

With great roles, come great responsibilities and the job of providing up-to-date and truthful news, is indeed a great responsibility. Cast your votes for the organization, which you think is not only providing current news round the clock, but also doing that keeping in mind the ethics of journalism. The Favourite News Channel also needs to keep the public informed of unbiased news, which is their right!

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