Prestigious Speakers at Agahi Awards

Watch live as some of our most prestigious journalists take the stage at Agahi Awards – Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards.

Tahir Khan, President of the Karachi Press Club: “May God give everyone the courage to speak the truth.”

Arshad Ansari, President of the Lahore Press Club: “Agahi Awards – a great initiative for Journalism in Pakistan.”

Shakeel Anjum, President of the Multan Press Club: “A journalist faces immense pressure these days, while reporting the truth.”

Syed Abid Shah, President of the Kashmir Press Club: (translated) “The courage to report is more important than the freedom of reporting!”

Saleem Shahid, President of Quetta Press Club: “Journalism has become commercialized – people with no connection to the field have become part of it.”

Saiful Islam Saifi, President of Peshawar Press Club: “Steps such as these need to be taken for the welfare of all journalists.”

Safdar Hayat Dawar, President of Tribal Union of Journalists: “This event stands to represent the slain journalists of Pakistan, and to laud their efforts for this country’s journalistic base.”

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