Agahi Awards 2012

Journalism has been an integral part of Pakistan’s history since its birth, as one of the only mediums through which personal opinions can be voiced to a large audience. Such a tradition deserves to not only recognized, but also awarded.

Mishal brings to you, Pakistan’s first journalism awards as a means of recognizing and celebrating our country’s best journalists. These awards are meant to shape the future of journalism, and to encourage budding reporters and writers to exercise their potential in this field.

We welcome submissions for these awards, and encourage journalists to send in their efforts by the 5th of March, 2012. The categories for submission are:

1) Miscellaneous
2) Ethics
3) Terrorism and Extremism
4) Corruption
5) Conflict
6) Interfaith
7) Gender
8) Human Rights
9) Health
10) Energy, Water and Food Security
11) Environment
12) Education
13) Governance
14) Crime

The mediums for these submissions are:

Print (English, Urdu and Regional Language)
Television (English, Urdu and Regional Language)
Online journalism and blogs

You may submit your entries at

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