A Media Development Initiative in Pakistan - scaling up its training and capacity building efforts by recognizing the best journalists reporting on critical issues concerning; Terrorism, Conflict, Interfaith, Millenium Development Goals, Safety and Security of Media Workers, Ethics - Code of Conduct etc etc.
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World Economic Forum (WEF) signs Mishal Pakistan as their Country Partner Institute Posted: April 2, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

The World Economic Forum signs Mishal Pakistan as the country partner institute to improve the soft data on economic development issues. The soft data is required for various reports from the Forum. The Forum Reports measure Pakistan’s performance on various … Continue reading

The Agahi Awards 2012 – A Recap of Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards Posted: March 31, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

The winners of the AGAHI Awards 2012 showcased counter-narratives discouraging radical mindset in Pakistan.  Agahi Awards are Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards, aimed at recognizing the country’s best journalists. These awards were organised by Mishal Pakistan in collaboration with the leading press clubs across the country, local … Continue reading

Rakae Jamil at the 2012 Agahi Awards Posted: March 30, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

Perhaps one of the highlights of the 2012 Agahi Awards was “Rakht-e-Dil – A Tribute”. The heartstirring performance by Lahore musician Rakae Jamil moved the audience, as the music took over the hall in a fusion of Classical and Eastern … Continue reading

Thank you for taking part in the Agahi Awards! Posted: March 29, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards were a highly successful event, and we feel proud to have played such a significant role in recognizing the hard work of Pakistani journalists. We’d like to thank everyone for attending the event, tweeting about it … Continue reading

Winners at the Agahi Awards Posted: March 28, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

After weeks of suspense, nominations and voting – here is the list of the winners.   Agahi Award 2012 Winner: Arshad Sharif of Dunya TV Corruption: Muhammad Ali Khan Business and Economy: Muhammad Ali Khan Education: Sadia Khalid of The … Continue reading

Guido Sabatinelli addresses the Audience Posted: March 28, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

Italian Health Specialist Guido Sabatinelli addressed the Audience at Agahi Awards just seconds ago, commending the efforts of the organizing team and the idea behind an event held exclusively to honour Pakistan journalists and their efforts. Guido Sabatinelli has extensive … Continue reading

Prestigious Speakers at Agahi Awards Posted: March 28, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

Watch live as some of our most prestigious journalists take the stage at Agahi Awards – Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards. Tahir Khan, President of the Karachi Press Club: “May God give everyone the courage to speak the truth.” Arshad Ansari, President of … Continue reading

Quaid-e-Azam’s message to Journalists Posted: March 28, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

Some great words by our country’s founder, Quaid-e-Azam, were also shown at the Agahi Awards. As said before, to advance in the future we must always remember what our past was, and take inspiration from the lessons we learnt from … Continue reading

A Moment of Silence for our Fallen Journalists Posted: March 28, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

One of the cornerstones of a successful country is a solid base of journalists; sadly, in this path, we often lose valuable and wonderful assets to the world of journalism. Their names must not be forgotten, and their deaths must … Continue reading

Agahi Awards Have Officially Started Posted: March 28, 2012
By: Agahi Team  

Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards have officially started, with an address to the audience and recitation of the Holy Quran. In honour of our country, the National Anthem was sung by the entire audience as well. We’re looking forward to a … Continue reading

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