World Economic Forum (WEF) signs Mishal Pakistan as their Country Partner Institute

The World Economic Forum signs Mishal Pakistan as the country partner institute to improve the soft data on economic development issues. The soft data is required for various reports from the Forum.

The Forum Reports measure Pakistan’s performance on various indicators and reports including the Global Competitiveness Report, Global Information Technology Report, Global Financial Risk Index, Global Gender Gap Report, the New Internet World, Travel and Tourism Competiveness Report, the Financial Development Report and other regional reports.

The World Economic Forum in partnership with Mishal Pakistan will also conduct the Executive Opinion Survey 2012 in Pakistan for the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-13.

The Executive Opinion Survey, “The Voice of the Business Community” is a major component of The Global Competitiveness Report and provides the key ingredient that turns the Report into a representative annual measure of a nation’s economic environment and its ability to achieve sustained growth. The Survey gathers valuable information on a broad range of variables for which hard data sources are scarce or nonexistent. High level business executives operating in Pakistan will be surveyed to capture their opinion on the business environment in which they operate.

The Global Competitiveness Report has been the World Economic Forum’s flagship publication since 1979 and is widely recognized as the world’s leading cross-country comparison of factors affecting economic competitiveness and growth.

A sample of company executives in Pakistan will be asked to complete this important and confidential survey. Mr. Amir Jahangir of Mishal Pakistan notes that it is vitally important that each executive sampled complete the survey to ensure that Pakistan has accurate and reliable data in the Report.

Mishal will be engaging students from the Business and Journalism schools and the Chambers’ of Commerce and Industry across Pakistan to promote more industry-academia linkages for maximum input from the business community on gauging the business environment and government policies on improving competitiveness of Pakistan across the 12 pillars.

This year Mishal along with the World Economic Forum will have special emphasis on measuring sustainability element of the use of national resources. It will also focus of shaping the future of economic development of Pakistan with responsible use of a country’s resources.

The Agahi Awards 2012 – A Recap of Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards

The winners of the AGAHI Awards 2012 showcased counter-narratives discouraging radical mindset in Pakistan. 

Agahi Awards are Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards, aimed at recognizing the country’s best journalists. These awards were organised by Mishal Pakistan in collaboration with the leading press clubs across the country, local and international media development bodies, regulatory authorities, the private sector and other stakeholders.


Puruesh Chaudhary, President for AGAHI and Ambassador on Media Ethics with Center for International Media Ethics (CIME) said the initiative was launched as essentially an effort to raise the standards of journalism in the country, creating a new crop of correspondents and editors who can develop counter-narratives to offset extremist ideologies and work towards greater peace and harmony in Pakistan.



Amir Jahangir, CEO Mishal and Young Global Leader with World Economic Forum, emphasized on creating Media Development Fund in Pakistan promoting  investigative journalism and quality content.


The presidents of eight of the leading press clubs in Pakistan on a platform in encouraging raising journalistic standards in the country comes as an unprecedented move.


The winners of the AGAHI Awards 2012 showcased counter-narratives discouraging radical mindset in Pakistan.


The judges panel comprising of some of the most senior media professionals from around the world assessed the entries submitted by journalists from all over the country in over 15 different categories including business, economy, conflict, corruption, crime, education, infotainment, the nexus between water, energy and food security, gender and governance.


In addition issues like human rights, interfaith, judiciary, media ethics, terrorism and extremism have also been included to create more awareness for social issues affecting society. A special People’s Choice category was created for the most favorite current affairs anchor and news channel.


In the People’s choice category the award for the most Favourite Current Affairs Anchor and News Channel went toHamid Mir of Capital Talk and GEO News of the Jang Group.


Haroon Baloch of Rohi TV bagged three awards in the categories; conflictcrime and environment. Haroon Baloch has been commended by the judges as one of the most effective content producer on the blogging sphere in the context of the evaluation criteria over which he was assessed; along with his ability to converge traditional media content over new media.



Mohammad Ali Khan on Business and Economy, Idrees Bakhtiar and Mohammad Ali Khan on an exclusive piece onCorruption in Herald, Saadia Khalid on Education, Mubarak Zaib Khan on Energy, Water and Food Security nexus, Fazal Khaliq on Gender, Mashkoor Ali on Governance Ibrahim Suheyl on Health, Ali Usman on Human Rights, Usman Ghafoor on Infotainment, Naveed Nasim on Interfaith for his documentary on Gojra Riots, Asad Kharal on Media EthicsZaheer Chaudhry and from Balochistan Matiullah Achakzai in Photo-Journalism, Waheedullah Afridi onTerrorism and Extremism.


Arif Rana from Express Group, won the award for the best Investigative Journalist 2012; for his extensive work on issues related to corruption and governance.


Arshad Sharif from Dunya TV; was recognized for his contribution on Pakistan’s war against terrorism and his counter-narratives on undermining radical ideologies.

Mishal launched a series of media development initiatives and helped journalists interact with each other through knowledge-sharing platforms. It also encouraged them to introduce new perspectives and produce diverse and pluralistic content to reduce intolerance in the society.

Members of the AGAHI team have worked with likeminded institutions to enhance the impact of these capacity building initiatives. It has established linkages and collaborations with leading knowledge centers from across the world. They have collaborated with different press clubs and media associations in the country and have always encouraged journalists to launch similar initiatives on their own.

You can view the list of winners here or download it here.

For more information on AGAHI Awards Winners, the evaluation committee, and the judging criteria please visit:

Rakae Jamil at the 2012 Agahi Awards

Perhaps one of the highlights of the 2012 Agahi Awards was “Rakht-e-Dil – A Tribute”. The heartstirring performance by Lahore musician Rakae Jamil moved the audience, as the music took over the hall in a fusion of Classical and Eastern styles.

Rakae Jamil during his performance.

Rakht-e-Dil - A Tribute

Rakae Jamil and the Audience

The track played by Rakae Jamil was also the official sound track for Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards, and the download link to this music is readily available for everyone. You can also watch some of the performance here.


Winners at the Agahi Awards

After weeks of suspense, nominations and voting – here is the list of the winners.


Agahi Award 2012 Winner: Arshad Sharif of Dunya TV

Corruption: Muhammad Ali Khan

Business and Economy: Muhammad Ali Khan

Education: Sadia Khalid of The News

Conflict: Haroon Baloch of Rohi TV

Energy, Water, Food and Security nexus: Mubarak Zeb of Dawn

Environment: Haroon Baloch of Rohi TV

Gender Reporting: Fazal Khaliq of Express Tribune

Crime: Haroon Baloch of Rohi TV

Governance: Mashkoor Ali of Samaa TV

Health: Ibrahim Suheyl of Pakistan Today

Human Rights: Ali Usman at Express Tribune

Infotainment: Usman Ghafoor at The News

Photojournalism: Zaheer Chaudhry (Independent) and Matiullah Achakzai at PPI

Interfaith: Naveed Nasim at Dawn News

Media Ethics: Asad Kharal at The News

Investigative Journalist of 2012: Arif Rana of Express Tribune

Terrorism and Extremism: Waheedullah Afridi of Samaa TV

Corruption: Idrees Bakhtiar

We received over 6 millions votes for people choice category and winners are
Favourite News Channel: Geo News

Favourite Current Affairs Anchor: Hamid Mir of Geo News

Guido Sabatinelli addresses the Audience

Italian Health Specialist Guido Sabatinelli addressed the Audience at Agahi Awards just seconds ago, commending the efforts of the organizing team and the idea behind an event held exclusively to honour Pakistan journalists and their efforts.

Guido Sabatinelli has extensive work experience with both the United Nations and the World Health Organization. He announced Health Journalism Awards in May, which will aim to eradicate polio in Pakistan.

Prestigious Speakers at Agahi Awards

Watch live as some of our most prestigious journalists take the stage at Agahi Awards – Pakistan’s First Journalism Awards.

Tahir Khan, President of the Karachi Press Club: “May God give everyone the courage to speak the truth.”

Arshad Ansari, President of the Lahore Press Club: “Agahi Awards – a great initiative for Journalism in Pakistan.”

Shakeel Anjum, President of the Multan Press Club: “A journalist faces immense pressure these days, while reporting the truth.”

Syed Abid Shah, President of the Kashmir Press Club: (translated) “The courage to report is more important than the freedom of reporting!”

Saleem Shahid, President of Quetta Press Club: “Journalism has become commercialized – people with no connection to the field have become part of it.”

Saiful Islam Saifi, President of Peshawar Press Club: “Steps such as these need to be taken for the welfare of all journalists.”

Safdar Hayat Dawar, President of Tribal Union of Journalists: “This event stands to represent the slain journalists of Pakistan, and to laud their efforts for this country’s journalistic base.”

Quaid-e-Azam’s message to Journalists

Some great words by our country’s founder, Quaid-e-Azam, were also shown at the Agahi Awards. As said before, to advance in the future we must always remember what our past was, and take inspiration from the lessons we learnt from our leaders.

Let’s join hands to shape the future of journalism in Pakistan!

A Moment of Silence for our Fallen Journalists

One of the cornerstones of a successful country is a solid base of journalists; sadly, in this path, we often lose valuable and wonderful assets to the world of journalism. Their names must not be forgotten, and their deaths must not be in vain.

Agahi Awards are centered around shaping the future of journalism in Pakistan, and in order to do so we must remember our past as well. Join us in a moment of silence for our fallen journalists.